BankID is a remote verification service for clients through Ukrainian banks, allowing the identification of a client on an online resource during registration or ordering services. The service enables remote identity confirmation without the need for an in-person visit by using data stored at the servicing bank.

The BankID NBU system is designed to provide citizens with convenient and secure access to state, financial, commercial, and other services that are offered remotely and require identification. The BankID NBU system allows the transfer of users' personal data from the subscriber - identifier (the bank where the account is opened) to the subscriber - service provider (who provides the service using this data). Thus, electronic remote identification of individuals through the system occurs.

Who can use BankID NBU with Globus Bank:

Clients of the bank who are individuals and have access to the GlobusPlus mobile app.

Data that can be transmitted by the Bank (in encrypted form) when the client initiates the identification method using the BankID NBU service:

  • Full name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Taxpayer identification number
  • Passport data
  • Registration address
  • Phonenumber
  • Email address

The final list of data to be transmitted to the service provider is determined individually by the service provider.

The BankID system has a high level of protection. The transmitted information is fully protected.

How to use BankID NBU with Globus Bank:

1. Select the service directly on the service portal of a subscriber of the system already connected to BankID NBU (list available here) and choose to identify/authenticate/login using BankID NBU.

2. On the BankID NBU page, select Globus bank for identification. Then, on the authorization page, confirm the request using the GlobusPlus mobile app.

3. After successful verification of the specified data, you will be identified on the service portal.

There is no fee for transmitting and/or receiving client identification data at Globus Bank. Details here.

General information for the acquaintance of financial services consumers is available here.