Attention! Sending transfers from Ukraine via the system is temporarily unavailable in accordance with the NBU resolution "On the Operation of the Banking System during the Introduction of Martial Law" dated 24.02.2022, No. 18.

The INTELEXPRESS system has its own network in Greece, Georgia, the United Kingdom, and Italy. Through its own service points and partner network, INTELEXPRESS users can make transfers worldwide. In 2018, the INTELEXPRESS system was recognized as an "important payment system" by the National Bank of Ukraine. Transfers via the system are made in US dollars and euros.

The sender or recipient needs to provide a passport or an equivalent document. Transfers can be received just a few minutes after they are sent.

To send a money transfer, you need to:
  • Visit the nearest INTELEXPRESS service point;
  • Provide a passport or an equivalent document;
  • Specify the amount, currency, destination country, and recipient’s full name;
  • Sign the transfer application and deposit the funds;
  • Inform the recipient of the transfer control number indicated in the transfer application;
  • Attention! After sending the transfer, only the sender can change the recipient’s full name if they have the transfer application and passport or an equivalent document. Changes are possible if the transfer has not been paid to the recipient.

To receive a money transfer, you need to:

  • Visit the nearest INTELEXPRESS service point;
  • Provide a passport or an equivalent document and the transfer control number;
  • Specify the amount and currency of the transfer, and the sender’s full name;
  • Sign the transfer receipt application;
  • Collect the transfer amount at the INTELEXPRESS service point.

Dispute Resolution Procedure Between Participants and Users of the International Payment System INTELEXPRESS

Customer claims are reviewed and responded to directly by the participant of the international payment system INTELEXPRESS.

To resolve a dispute, the customer submits a claim to the participant, which then conducts the necessary investigation. If needed, the customer provides the participant with additional documents supporting the claim. The participant may also contact the international payment system RIA to resolve the customer’s claim.

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