Professional Ethics
The fundamental condition for successful business is the trust of our clients. The professional success of Globus Bank relies on adhering to fundamental principles of conduct and business practices that justify such trust.

Code of Corporate Conduct and Ethics
Globus Bank has established rules of conduct that are mandatory for all employees. These rules revolve around honest, fair, and professional work in the best interest of our clients and the bank.

Conflict of Interests

In the operations of every financial institution, conflicts of interests may arise. To appropriately address these situations, Globus Bank has implemented and successfully operates a Code of Corporate Governance. The main objectives of the Code are to ensure fairness in resolving conflicts of interests and to protect the reputation and interests of both clients and the bank.

Professional Development

To ensure high-quality customer service, Globus Bank implements a system of training, professional development, and knowledge assessment for its employees

Reporting Violations
Our Bank has implemented and successfully operates a Procedure for Reporting Violations, including anonymous reporting. Any employee or Bank customer who becomes aware of violations of conduct rules, fraudulent activities, bribery, corruption, discrimination, disclosure of confidential information, conflicts of interest, etc., can report it to the Compliance Service in the following ways (choice of):

- By completing the reporting form (including anonymous reporting) on the Bank's website
- By sending an email to the Compliance Service at

- By calling the Compliance Service at +38 (044) 364 72 60
- By sending a letter to the address: 04073, Ukraine, Kyiv, Kurenivsky Lane, 19/5, marked to the attention of "To the Chairman of the Board/Head of Compliance Service/Head of Internal Audit Service/Head of Security Department."

All messages are confidential information of the Bank.

The message sent by the applicant should contain as much information as possible about events involving unacceptable behavior (who committed the misconduct; how it manifests; when, where, and why (if known) it occurred; possible evidence).

Anonymity of the message automatically excludes the possibility of providing feedback on the results of reviewing the message, complicates, and in some cases, makes it impossible to conduct an investigation.